Welcome to Predictions

Predictions is a website exploring a way of predicting football results.

Predictions doesn’t in any way claim to be 100% accurate – and absolutely no guarantees can be made.  But thus far it seems to those of us involved to be a rather interesting approach that can benefit by being explored further.

This site is currently under construction but I am hoping there is enough here for you to understand what it is about.

Quite simply it sets out a method of predicting football results.   It is not 100% accurate but in the tests we have run over the course of a year it has proven to be more accurate that the predictions made in newspapers, TV shows and the like.

Of course we take no responsibility for any bets that may be placed as a result of your using this site, but we do think from our experiments it might help you.  If you find ways in which the approach could be improved please do write in.

So how does it work?

Quite simply we look at any match in any league for which tables are produced – let us take Tottenham Hotspur vs Crystal Palace as an example…

We look at Tottenham’s home performance and Palace’s away performance – including both the results achieved and the goal differences.   From that it is often fairly easy to predict a result.   If it is not then we move on to another game where a prediction is available.

Of course what we are looking for is consistency at home or away.   But no team is 100% consistent.  Every club slips up sometimes.  So it is clear that predictions made in this way are not going to be totally reliable.  But generally they are better than simply looking at a game and coming up with an idea of a home or away win.

The goals scored and goals against columns are also helpful since they emphasise the dominance.   A win is a win and always gets three points whether it is a 5-0 or 5-4.   Clearly a club getting a string of narrow wins is a lot closer to losing its dominant position than a team regularly getting close victories.   So we would look for clubs that, for example, get two or more goals on average in each home or away match, as well as regularly winning such games.

It is of course possible to make this approach ever more sophisticated with such measurements, and how far you go is up to you.  Our job here is just to point out the approach.