6 Ways To Help Your Child Discover Their Talents

6 Ways To Help Your Child Discover Their Talents

A child’s talent is one of the things that significantly increases their self-esteem and purpose in life. Having that one thing that they do effortlessly will also enable them to make friends with similar interests, choose a career, and have a great way to spend their free time, all which will increase their quality of life. In case you are trying to figure out your child’s gifts, here are a few tips that can help you:

Observe their interests

You might be tempted to sign them up for volleyball or science club because you were a star player or have a career in research, but the better thing to do would be to sit back and watch where they naturally gravitate towards. This way you will be sure of their interests, instead of wasting valuable time and energy in areas that they simply do not fit. For instance, if your child enjoys kicking a ball, or playing Sudoku, you can easily deduce where their talents lie.

Help them discover their interests

You are encouraged to take your kids to schools that expose your kids to a wide variety of subjects and extracurricular activities. If they start thriving in a specific sport or form of art, you should consider enrolling them in a camp or hiring a tutor to hone their skills. Camps like Lionville Soccer exist to enhance their skills further, leading to a rewarding career.

Avoid having high expectations too soon

Some kids have seized the headlines with their extraordinary gifts as early as five years of age, but that might not be your child. Having unreasonable expectations may make them feel overwhelmed, inadequate and might make them drop the interest eventually.

Find the delicate balance between pushing them and taking a step back

Understanding whether your child gave up a particular interest because they feel inadequate or it simply does not work is somewhat complicated. The opinions of their coach or teacher will come in handy, as they will give unbiased, professional advice. They will tell you how to support them and resources they can use to practice and better themselves.

However, if your child does not like it, let it go, as they will end up harboring resentment. Maybe they found something else that they love better than the first interest.

Accept the child as they are

If you are going to discover your child’s actual talents, you need to start by accepting who they are, their unique gifts and limitations. Avoid comparing them to the kids next door, their siblings, cousins, and classmates. Embracing your child as they are opens your mind up to all possibilities and helps you support them regardless of what path they choose.

Look out for certain traits

If your child has an excellent memory and vast vocabulary, enjoys reading and intellectually challenging activities and is unusually critical and skeptical, they may be exceptionally gifted. There are tests online that you can use to determine if your child has an extraordinarily high IQ (130 and above).


Identifying your child’s gift outside of academics is a great way to enhance their well being. Imagination, creativity, and fun can also go a long way in ensuring your child’s long term stability, and often make for great careers.

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