Coming this weekend: a preview of Arsenal, Man U and Burnley

By Osakpamwan Osadolor

In this article I’m going to look at the home and away analysis.   But it can also be important to look at who is officiating the game because very poor officiating cost us a win at the Old Trafford, so with this in mind let’s delve in a bit.

  • Arsenal vs Huddersfield
  • Referee: Paul Tierney
  • Numbers of matches officiated: 10 matches

Given that he officiated the Arsenal match vs Fulham in which we hit five past their keeper something I noticed  is that seven of Paul’s  game all ended in favour of the away team and no draw so the other three are obviously home wins.

In his matches the home team has not score more than three goals with four games ending with a clean sheet for the winner. In games involving the top six the cards are always over 3 with Man City game versus Watford  the only game to produce 1 card.

Home and away

Arsenal played 8 home matches losing one and winning five drawing two

Huddersfield  played 7 away losing 4 winning one drawing  2.

Possible outcome:  Arsenal to win 3:0 or 3:1

With the remaining matches I’ll restrict myself just to the games.

  • Man Utd versus Fulham

 Home and away

Man U: played seven home matches lose one, win 3, draw 3

Fulham: played 8 away games lose 7 win nil draw 1

Possible outcome:  Man u win 2:0 or 3:0

  • Burnley versus Brighton

Home and away
Burnley: played 6 home games lose 4 win 1 draw 1

Brighton: played 8 away games lose 5 win 2 draw one

Potential outcome: Score draw 1:1 or 2:2

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